Books: Younger Children

Under the name Derek Smith, I have written three books for younger children.

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The Magical World of Lucy-Anne & Lucy-Anne’s Changing Ways

What is it about Lucy-Anne? Flying buses, talking snowmen and elephants in the back garden are just some of the adventures she stumbles upon in “The Magical World of Lucy-Anne”. As if being a little girl wasn’t exciting enough, “Lucy-Anne’s Changing Ways” sees her turning into a firework, a statue, an ant – even a book! What will she become next? And will Daddy ever believe her stories?


Jack’s Bus

Jack is a bus driver who has the strangest passengers: a dragon who insists on being driven to Wales, a ghost who haunts the upstairs, a witch who meets some troublesome children, a weatherman who brings foul weather with him, and a giant’s child who can pick up the bus with one hand… With all these problems, Jack keeps in touch with the bus station through Polly over his cab radio – and Mike, the mouse on his dashboard, helps out when he can.

These 7 magical stories are just right for reading aloud, or for younger readers to read on their own.


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